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Hi, I’m CJ Simon

a theatre-maker, spoken-word artist, and academic working in the field of political psychology and emotion studies.


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Academic Work

PhD Research

University of Sheffield - Department of Politics

Supported by both the White Rose DTP and the Stuart Hall Foundation, I will be exploring the psychological mechanisms that work on audiences when they engage with art. The aim is to understand how theatre, poetry, or film influences our political behaviour and opinions. My focus will be on art that produces or resists white supramacy.

Ongoing Projects


Acadeic Researcher

Our Videos

Hoping to keep both academia and art in the present, I hope to ensure that all of my endevours are accessible online in audio-visual formats. This site is still under-development but within the next few months you'll be able to see some of these videos here:

Video Work


If you're interested in my work (both creative or academic) and want to collaborate then get in tou


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